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Practical instructions for more balance and energy

Traditional Indian healing for today: The Ayurveda book takes a practical approach that creates a modern combination of yoga and Ayurveda. Classical philosophy is brought into the 21st century here! Comprehensive, holistic and true to life: a wonderful mindfulness guide with nutritional tips, recipes, physical exercises, meditations and Ayurveda massages as well as concrete help for complaints such as stress or sleep problems. For more mindfulness and a healthy inner balance in hectic everyday life! Vata, Pitta, Kapha - with the help of self-tests, your own Ayurveda type is determined at the beginning of the Ayurveda book. So you can follow the tailor-made advice specifically for your dosha type through the book: Which foods should be on the menu for the Pitta type? Is a sun salutation suitable for the Kapha type? And which massage helps the Vata type relax? Detailed step-by-step instructions explain how perfect yoga breathing works, how to easily perform asanas or how to find the right mantra for meditation. Ayurvedic cuisine also plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle, which is why Ayurveda cookbook also reveals delicious Ayurvedic recipes. For example, there are whole grain pancakes with agave syrup for breakfast, Mediterranean vegetable gratin for lunch, creamy pumpkin soup for dinner and a fruity plum crumble for dessert. Of course with the right ingredient variations for every dosha type.

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