Spicy Cell-Lite Body Oil 50ml

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Body oil for skin metabolism 

The body oil Stimulates skin metabolism and helps to release stored metabolic residues in the skin. The deposits that we perceive as cellulite become a furnace for the cells and in this combination contribute to a firm and lightened body silhouette. The traditional recipe of the Ayurvedic active ingredients Pippali, clove, ginger and brown mustard oil have always been used in Ayurvedic treatments to get the body into shape and give the cells their energy back. At the same time, the essential oil composition stimulates the mind and strengthens the will to move forward with full strength again.

According to Ayurveda, the combination of black pepper forms Pippali and Ginger together more than the sum of their parts. It fuels, burns residues and promotes blood circulation. clove and turmeric Additionally stimulate blood circulation into the deep layers of the skin and at the same time have an anti-inflammatory effect. Known as a medicinal herb for thousands of years Nutgrass develops a gentle but lasting anti-inflammatory, cleansing and healing effect. Cinnamon Stimulates the metabolism holistically and helps regulate insulin levels.

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